GuessIt DAO
This page will describe the governance token as mentioned in the roadmap.


  • Third parties will be able to create puzzles (with different settings)! Each puzzle requires a fixed amount of the governance token to be locked while the puzzle is active. After the puzzle is finished or becomes inactive the governance tokens become retrievable. The token required for guessing (and thus also the reward for when it is solved!) can be decided by the third party (there are technical requirements for this, but 99% of the tokens out there are compliant). Rational: In the current industry we are noticing the problem of tokens that are farmed (prize dumps, not a stable emission, etc.). There are only a few parties capable of keeping their emission (and thus token price) stable. This will provide third parties a chance to burn more of their tokens and at the same time allow their users to have fun!
  • It will be possible to stake the governance token. This means that a portion of each reward will go directly to the stakers! So whether the GuessIt teams creates a puzzle or a third party creates a puzzle the stakers of the governance token will earn a portion of these rewards every time a puzzle is solved!
  • Voting power! Yes, the direction in which the GuessIt team should go can and will be decided with enough voting power!
  • The governance token will have no owner! This means that when deployed the token will maintain itself. It also means because it is a standard token there is no need for an audit.
  • Optional: Because of transaction fees the governance token we are investigating tol run on a different chain then BSC. We are looking for the possibilities to launch the token on Polygon.


Contract address
0x51912d0fB2Df77c87aed783fa0A89f5fC47Da730 (Polygon)
Max supply
100B (100,000,000,000)
Initial supply
100B (100,000,000,000)
100% of the max supply
Liquidity supply
21B (21,000,000,000)
Will be paired with a portion of MATIC or BNB raised
Will be locked for 6 months
Sale supply
50B (50,000,000,000)
Amount to raise 1000000 USDC
Team supply
24B (24,000,000,000)
Will be locked for 1 year and vested slowly
Is needed for development and marketing purposes
Airdrop supply
5B (5,000,000,000)
Will be airdropped to current GSSIT holders
Will be airdropped in a ratio of 10:1 (GSSIT:GSSITD)
Exces tokens after airdrop will be used to create pools on partner exchanges
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