Q2 2021

    Going live with the farms and tokenomics
    Applying for CoinMarketCap
    Applying for CoinGecko
    Applying for Audits on Techrate and RD Auditors

Q3 2021

    Mini puzzle section for quick puzzles which let's you earn rewards.
    Going live with the puzzle section. Viewing the puzzle and solving should be possible.
    Adding more pools to the farm
From this point onwards, we will be focused on promoting what we have and get as much as players as possible to our puzzle section. Depending on the situation and going forward we probably need more funds to continue our roadmap. This means that we are probably going to do an IFO or an IDO. For our loyal players there will be a separate private sale.

Q4 2021

    Creating governance token. This token will be used by the platform to create puzzles, play puzzles and claim rewards. More details will be announced in the future.
    Applying for Certik audit
    Adding possibility to invite friends to the app with referral programs
    Adding more types of puzzles that can be solved
    Applying for CEX listing

Q1 2022

    Adding NFT support. NFT can be used as trophies, but other uses will also be thought of.
    Design upgrade. A professional designer bureau will be hired to overhaul the current design.


    Creating a platform where others can also add there puzzles and earn rewards.
    Going mainstream. Authentication with social platforms will be possible.
    Adding x-chain possibilities
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