The first puzzle consist of an image that contains some information about the solution for solving the puzzle. It can be either an object (or something else) in the image that needs guessing or the image can contain information about some riddle that the user needs to solve.
The visibility of the puzzle depends on the following factors:
    The address of the token holder. This will decide what part of the puzzle is visible. Yes you can send your tokens around to different addresses to make other parts of the puzzle visible, just remember that there is a fee charged for every transfer as discussed in the Burning and Rewards sections.
    The number of tokens the account holder is holding. This will decide how much of the puzzle is visible. This is based on the max supply vs user supply. The staked amount will also be taken into account.
You can read more about the algorithm in the Algorithm section.


To get tokens you either need to enter one of the pools that are farming the tokens or you need to buy it from an exchange.


Users are allowed to guess (solve) the puzzle on the puzzle page. Guessing requires an amount of tokens, it starts with 10,000 tokens but, depending on the price, is subject to change over time. It is also possible to see (in a tag cloud) what other users guessed before you submit a solution. When there is no successful guess (the puzzle is not solved) the game mechanics will continue. When there is a successful guess the following happens:
    Puzzle is made visible to everybody
    Minting of extra tokens (they are minted until the block of when the puzzle is solved) are stopped
    Adding new pools is not possible anymore
    Entering pools is not possible anymore (withdraws are allowed)
    Guessing is not possible anymore
    Nothing is added to the rewards pool anymore.
    Fees on transfers will be disabled.
    Rewards are claimable. Where the guesser of the token receives an extra bonus, as described in the Rewards section.


The guesser of the puzzle can claim 5% of the rewards pool. The other 95% will be shared with GSSIT holders. This is in proportion with the amount of GSSIT tokens you hold. For example if you hold 1% of the GSSIT total supply you can claim 1% of the rewards pool. Claiming rewards will burn your GSSIT tokens!
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