Percentage calculation

  • You need to have GSSIT tokens to make at least some part of the puzzle visible, 0 tokens means 0 visibility. GSSIT tokens or liquidity tokens in your wallet or GSSIT tokens or liquidity tokens that are staked all count!
  • We first calculate the base points. Those are calculated as follows; we are gathering all GSSIT tokens from a wallet, either as single tokens or as liquidity tokens (which count double!) and all GSSIT tokens that are staked, either as single tokens or as liquidity tokens (which count double!). Then we divide this by the maximum supply (calculated by the cap minus the burned supply). Example:
    • Cap: 10000
    • Burned: 1000
    • User total GSSIT tokens: 2250
    Your base points will be => 2250 / (10000 - 1000) = 0.25 points (representing 25%)
  • Then we look at how many pools you are staked in. Yes staking will increase your base points! The increase of your base points is based on the allocation points currently on the pool. It will increase in the same percentage as the number of allocation points. Example:
    • You are staked in 2 pools with each 10x allocations. This will increase your base points by 20%
    Your base points will be => 0.25 + 20% => 0.30 points (representing 30%)
  • Lastly, we look at how many tokens are in circulation and how many are still left to be minted. And add it to your base points (to make it more or less a collective puzzle solving game). Example:
    • Cap 10000
    • Burned: 1000
    • Circulating: 4500
    Your base points will increase by => 4500 / (10000-1000) => 50% Your base points will be => 0.30 + 50% => 0.45 points (representing 45%)

Starting point

Now that we discussed the how much of the puzzle is viewable. The where part is a little bit easier. We are creating a SHA1 seed from your address and this is deciding (by the randomizer) where your x and y starting coordinates are. Moving to a different address may/will change your starting point! Just be aware that we charge transfer fees as discussed in the Fee section, Burning section and the Rewards section.
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